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Past Public Improvement Projects

A lit-up structure with a sign reading "LOVELAND," a pedestrian bridge, and early evening sky.

I-25 Interchange Improvements 

$13.6M invested - I-25 is the regional highway along the Front Range. Ensuring that residents and visitors have easy access to the amenities located within the Centerra Metro District is key. With an increase in growth through the region, improvements to the interchange at I-25 and Crossroads Boulevard and at US-34 were necessary. Centerra Metro District contributed $xxM in total towards this project; $xxM to the reconstruction of the interchange at Crossroads Boulevard, and $13.6M to expanding the interchange at US-34. These regional improvements were critical to improving travel in the region.

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Sculpture of a stylized eagle, tree and sky in the background.

Chapungu Sculpture Park 

$3.7M invested - The Chapungu Sculpture Park is a one-of-a-kind outdoor exhibit, displaying 82 monumental stone sculptures from Zimbabwean artisans traversing 26-acres of natural and landscaped gardens east. This regional attraction offers stunning landscaping and 82 hand-carved stone sculptures ─ the only permanent exhibit of its kind in the United States. Named after the Chapungu, an African eagle considered to be an omen of good fortune, visitors come from around the region to enjoy the artwork and local music. The park contributes to the City of Loveland’s reputation as a national leader in art and culture.

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